Parish Resources

Ah, the Catholic parish! That ubiquitous institution which, for the vast majority of us, constitutes our main experience of Catholic worship and the living Catholic Faith. But parish life can be a complicated and confusing thing. There are many questions large and small that all require attention - everything from how can the pastor encourage the use of sacramental confession to relatively minute issues like how to put together a decent parish bulletin.

This page is for traditional-minded Catholics, whether ordained or lay, who are interested in resources to help with the nuts and bolts of parish life. Please excuse the scarcity of material on this page, as it is still under construction - but come back frequently to see what we've added!


How do you explain the Second Vatican Council to an RCIA class? Check out our new lesson plan on teaching Vatican II to catechumens!



Parish Renewal

There are many programs out there purporting to be able to "renew" a parish. One of the most popular programs is the JustFaith program. Regardless of what it says, the JustFaith program is not a legitimate representation of Catholic social teaching. Check out these articles to find out why! (from the Unam Sanctam Catholicam blog)

Check out this series to read more about how a priest took a liberal parish that was going bankrupt and turned the whole thing around in five years, eventually culminating in the regular celebration of the Extraordinary Form.

Parish Life

Suggestions and reflections on the proper administration of a parish, characteristics of a good parish, homiletics, finances and even parish bulletins.

Youth Group


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